Quality Policy


This method statement is intended to demonstrate our professional commitment to ensure that we provide all the facilities required, as laid down in the contract documentation to the entire satisfaction of the Project Team complying with all local and statutory regulations and to ensure that a quality facility is handed over on time and within the budget.

We recognize the advantages to be gained from an adequately prepared and adopted method statement part of which is,

  • a) To provide information, which assists in coordination and planning of overall construction activities and details of supporting activities, required by all parties.

  • b) A safe working procedure, which demonstrates compliance with the Health and Safety requirements and minimizes the risk of injuries to personnel, damage to installed material and equipment.

  • c) A clear definition of the responsibilities of all parties involved.

  • d) Details of requirements of preparatory works to ensure smooth and efficient operations.

Project Management Plan

& Method Statement

Mechanical & Electrical Service

At an early stage, the following activities are performed.

Project Execution

During the construction programs, all operatives are continually directed by the Construction Supervisors to ensure that the installation conforms with applicable specifications and drawings and that their productivity is maintained at a consistently high level.

Once construction work commences, the Site Team prepares an “As-built” file on changes to design documentation, and nearer to the completion stage all the documentation is brought up to “As-built” status and finally submitted to the Client for approval. On completion, the project is handed over to the client using the contract testing and acceptance documentation. Our own company documentation would be used to supplement the Client’s procedures.

During the execution of the project, the project manager and his team will continually liaise with the project team to agree on proposals, variations, and changes and resolve any construction issues that arise during the project.

Site Organization

The Project Manager has complete control and responsibility for the day-to-day management of the project reporting back to the General Manager. The Project Manager will liaise with the engineers and project team on-site to ensure smooth running and timely completion of the project.


We consider the principle of matching a team to a particular project to be of fundamental importance. The key staff driving the contract through from inception to final testing, commissioning, and handover being chosen carefully to match the needs of the project. It is normal within our organization for the Project Manager to take positive control of the essential management and coordination aspects of the work.

From the project management structure, it can be seen that the project will be very much “Construction Driven” by their on-site team. The Head Office will act as a service unit in support of the site team. It is essential for the successful execution of a project such as this, in very restricted surroundings, that construction activity is properly coordinated and interfaced between the services contracting team and team members of other primary packaged contractors.

  • Qualified personnel is assigned to fill the positions as designated on the Organization Chart.
  • Material Take Offs (MTOs) are prepared.
  • Drawings and documentation are examined and interface checks are performed.
  • Construction schedules, indicating discipline and activity are prepared and issued for approval.
  • Drawings and material submittals register and programs will be established.
  • The Cost Engineer and Planning Engineer will develop a system, which upon approval of the Client, will be used for the monitoring of and payment of completed work in accordance with the Project Control System.
  • The Personnel Manager under the direction of the Project Manager will commence recruitment and mobilization of craftsmen necessary to supplement our existing workforce if necessary to comply with the construction program.

The Project Manager will meet Main Contractor’s Team and agree with the starting date and initiate procedures to ensure a smooth project start-up.

The Material Controller is responsible for purchasing, expediting, store control, transportation, and services. He will liaise with the Construction Manager and Engineering Manager, track equipment, ensure delivery, etc. He will have Purchasers, expeditors, storemen, and drivers directly reporting to him. He, in turn, will be reporting to the Project Manager.

Our Work Plan

Construction Teams

The Construction Manager is responsible for all site construction and will have a number of site supervisors reporting to him as depicted on the site organogram.


Our Project Engineering Personnel headed by the Engineering Manager will be responsible for


The approximate delivery dates of major equipment, systems, and material are established and this information and the construction schedule, we will draw up a detailed procurement schedule which will be coordinated with the engineering and drawing production schedules. All vendor quotations will be thoroughly evaluated technically for compliance with the specification and for delivery required prior to placing an order. Vendors will be subjected to the same conditions as ourselves. Our expeditors will visit the major manufacturers periodically to ensure satisfactory progress. Likewise, our engineers will visit to endure the quality control complies with the specification. Our engineering personnel will, alongside the Client’s representatives, witness the testing of plant and equipment as called for in the technical specifications. All equipment and material are checked as they arrive on-site for compliance, damage, or shortages.

All construction documentation and drawings received will be checked, registered, and distributed to the appropriate members of the site team. The Project Manager has the additional responsibility of coordinating all quality control on-site including Inspections, Procedures, Certification, Document Control, etc. He will coordinate his activities with the Coordinator at our Head Office to ensure that all practices are strictly adhered to. The Administration manager is responsible for the Accounts, payroll, timekeeping, and administration personnel. He is directly responsible to the Project Manager.

The Engineering Manager is responsible for all planning; Scheduling, Monitoring, Cost engineering, and material take-offs. The Planning engineers, Cost engineers, quantity surveyors, and Technical clerks report to him. He will coordinate the planning in liaison with the Project Planning Manager. He reports directly to the Project Manager.

The Lead Engineer, reporting to the Engineering Manager is responsible for all engineering, drafting, CAD operators, method statements, commissioning procedures as-builts, etc. Reporting to him will be a number of Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Draughtsmen, and Commissioning engineers. He will coordinate his work with the Quality control department, Construction Manager and liaises with project engineers.

For the project, we utilize Senior Supervisors and working foremen separately for the different work font areas as detailed in the project organization chart.

  • Becoming fully conversant with and establishing the specific Client’s needs of the project and preparation of working drawings utilizing CAD techniques.
  • Verifying the adequacy and suitability of a material for its application and purpose.
  • Raising and clearing technical queries via. Direct liaison with the management of specified vendors. NicePower Electomechanical Works LLC
  • Scrutinizing and validating all material purchasing requisitions prior to formal orders being placed.
  • Coordinating major equipment deliveries with on-site access facilities.
  • Integrated coordination and interface checking with other services and trades.
  • Documentation control and ensuring all latest information in the form of drawings, specifications, instructions, and design queries, etc. are properly recorded and incorporated into the work in a timely fashion.
  • Preparation of and formal presentation of Operation and Maintenance Manuals together with the handover of work.
  • At an early stage, establishing the commissioning program, setting up the procedures identifying staff needs and arrival on-site time schedule.

The progress of work is normally planned and programmed using CPM Networks. These will be in sufficient detail to allow our works to be closely integrated into the main contractor's program and in accordance with the project construction schedule. Our site management will, on a regular basis monitor and update the program information. A progress report will be prepared and issued periodically. It will record elements or work completes, actual against planned, and will highlight any problem areas.

Material Control

A dedicated material controller will be appointed. He will be responsible to the Project Manager. The Material Controller will be involved from an early stage in the contract to ensure that all deliveries of equipment are properly packed, protected, and complete with all necessary lifting hooks and eyes, in accordance with the agreed delivery schedule. He will ensure adequate notice is given of all deliveries, that all security requirements have been complied with and that all notification for craneage and lifting has been given and accepted. He will assist the storage area and facility required and will inspect landing areas before any lifting of the major plant is carried out. Protection of equipment is the responsibility of the Site Store Keeper until such time assigned by the construction supervisors.

Quality Assurance

We look upon QA as the application of correct procedures and checks of all aspects of the subject and verifying that end results are fit for the purpose. By enforcing our QA plan, rigidly, we will do a good job to a high standard of workmanship. The finished product will be easily operated and maintained and plant and systems will perform as intended. Installation activities will be monitored by a pre-determined checklist and QC engineering documents. Any non-compliance activity reports are circulated as required for necessary action.

Planning & Programming